Enxense, formerly Nygon, was founded in 2002 and specializes on technologies for X-ray and gamma detection. During its first year, the company successfully developed ASIC electronics for national and international customers. The company was however quite idle for large periods of time due to that its founder and managing director, Einar Nygard (Ph.D.) had activities elsewhere. In 2012, however, Nygard returned to Enxense where he currently is on full time engagement.

Dr. Nygard has for the past more than 25 years been one of the worlds leading entrepreneurs in forward-looking and cutting edge X-ray and gamma-ray detectors, based on solid-state sensors and highly advanced ASICs, for applications in science, medical and industrial fields.

Following several years working as a senior researcher at Sintef (Norwegian technology research institute) and CERN, Nygard co-founded in 1992 the company IDE AS (later known as Ideas and GM-ideas) where he was the main inventor and driving force during its first 10 years. Following this, Nygard founded Nygon and after that he also co-founded the company Interon (DxRay) where he spent another about 10 years being one out of the two inventors and driving forces there.